About Us

The is a private initiative of Maayke Fluitman, Pharm D. and Jan Smits, Pharm D. In our professional life we were confronted with the different views on self-care and treatment of minor ailments. We believe self-care and treatment of minor ailments has a role to play in encouraging people to take more responsibility for their own health and well being by developing healthy habits, making healthy life choices, consulting their doctor and or pharmacist where appropriate, and knowing when medical treatment should be sought. Worldwide the ideas of stakeholders how this concept should be effectuated differs substantially. The provides in this respect an international platform to exchange ideas and sharpen opinions. On June 1, 2019 SCFY,  together with several European organisations active in self-care, founded SCiE (Self Care initiative Europe) to boost collaboration, health literacy and political focus to empower Europeans by and to self-care
Services Self Care Factory:
  • stakeholder management
  • Introduction new products
  • Development and implementation minor ailments schemes (project management)
  • Rx to OTC Switch: stakeholder management
  • Training
Maayke Fluitman Jan Smits