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What about Students and Self Care
As a school or university student, looking after your own health can sometimes be difficult and confusing

As a school or university student, looking after your own health can sometimes be difficult and confusing. . When you develop a new health problem or life’s getting on top of you, knowing what to do next and where to turn for help can be a real challenge – especially when you’re worried about visiting your doctor. READ MORE AND COMMENT>>>
AESGP Self Care Agenda 2020
The future of self care

To fully realize the public health and economic benefits of self care, the availability of self care products needs to improve…. READ MORE AND COMMENT>>>
The impact of hay fever on society

635 Euros

Every third Dutchman suffers from it: Hay fever. This makes it a frequently occurring problem, not just for those who suffer from the symptoms but for society as a whole as well. The impact on everyday life can reach the stage of sickness absence. This costs society roughly 635 Euros per patient a year. READ MORE AND COMMENT>>>
New Advanced Pharmacy Service launched
In July this year a new Advanced Service for 2015/16 — a national flu vaccination service — was announced by the NHS and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC). Many pharmacies in the UK already provide private flu vaccinations service, by offering this new service pharmacies are able to provide the private service as well as the service under the NHS to eligible adult patients. READ MORE AND COMMENT>>>
Vitamin D, are you getting enough?
An estimated 1 billion people worldwide, across all ethnicity and age groups, have a vitamin D deficiency. The benefit of vitamin D has been heavily debated over the past few years. Research increases our understanding of the relationship between vitamin D and health. READ MORE AND COMMENT>>>