Hay Fever

The impact of hay fever on society

635 Euros  
Every third Dutchman suffers from it: Hay fever.  
This makes it a frequently occuring problem, not just for those who suffer from the symptoms but for society as a whole as well. The impact on everyday life can reach the stage of sickness absence. This costs society roughly 635 Euros per patient a year. (source Editie.NL)  
Being unfamiliar with the symptoms and receiving inadequate treatment as a result causes hay fever patients to report ill five times a year on average.  

Seeing a pharmacist first  
Before consulting a GP hay fever sufferers could, or preferably should see a pharmacist first. A pharmacist is wel able to advise on self care medication that wil treat the symptoms, such as e.g. antihistamines.  
Should this medication prove to be inadequate, it is advisable to consult a GP who can then prescribe alternative medication, such as e.g. cortiocosteroids. A pharmacist will refer to a doctor if necessary. (source NHS choices) Enabling customers to get better access to medication by making prescription medication freely available, will  ensure better self treatment.
"Expert Opinion."
E. Xpert

A pharmacist is not competent enough to give a proper advice, they have been trained to dispense. A GP has been trained to give a diagnosis! Every man to his trade!

A GP, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

Okay, it has never crossed my mind to consult a pharmacist. Now it takes me two days to get an appointment with my doctor and half a day’s work, sneezing in my GP’s waiting room.

P.Jansen, hay fever patient

Should the costs of hay fever treatment be charged to the consumer and should the consumer no longer consult a GP, it would lead to a reduction in health insurance costs.

P.Tumble, CZ Insurances