What about Students and Self Care

ESC Student is a new app developed to help improve student health and increase health literacy among young people.
Developed by GP and Self Care Forum Board member, Dr Knut Schroeder together with a team of experts from the Student’s Health Service at Bristol University, and 30 students and health professionals from the wider NHS, the app allows students and young people to answer common questions about their health in seconds and without the need for an internet connection. The app is certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a source of reliable health information. (self care forum )
The Expert Self Care (ESC) Student app is a one-stop guide to answering common student health questions within seconds. Open the app and find reliable health information on over 120 important student health topics in plain language – anywhere, anytime, and in private:
  • Troubling health problems – check out what to do next and when to see a pharmacist, nurse or doctor
  • Emergencies and general ill health – discover the truth about life-threatening illnesses as well as sleep problems, feeling stressed, and being tired all the time
  • Common ailments – get to the bottom of headaches, find out how to treat your spots, and manage common aches and pains
  • Mental health – find out what to do when you (or one of your friends) feel low or anxious, self-harm or are worried about drinking too much alcohol
  • Useful links – get fast access to hundreds of links to useful further information
  • The app is developed together with students and experts from the University of Bristol Students’ Health Service.
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